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Suite #101
The Glamour Room
Dominique Bailey
Phone: 281-964-7996
Email: baileydominique33@gmail.com
Suite #102
Cheveux By Mone'
Mone' Dottin
Services/Specialties: Cut / Style, Color, Hair Extensions, Special Occasion, Relaxer, Ethnic hair, Balayage, Blowouts, Silk-wrap/Silk-press, Twist Out, Wash & Flatiron, Braid Out, Press & Curl, Protective Styles, Weaving
Phone: 337-485-8433
Suite #103
Hair at Tiffany's
Tiffani Carter
Phone: 832-915-8141
Email: tiffanicarter2010@gmail.com
Suite #104
Sweet-N-Sassy Styles
Chasity Monson and Debra Chavis
Services/Specialties: Cut / Style, Color, Perm, Hair Extensions, Special Occasion, Relaxer, Hair braiding, Blowouts
Phone: 281-450-9260
Email: chasitymonson@gmail.com
Suite #105
Dani K
Karla Culton
Phone: 214-356-7161
Email: culton_karla@yahoo.com
Suite #106
VR Premier Esthetics
Veronica Ramirez
Services/Specialties: Facials, Chemical Peel, Skin Growth and Capillaries, Microdermabrasion, Removal, Acne, Anti Aging, LED Therapy, Microcurrent, HighFrequency, Electrolysis, Hair Removal
Phone: 8324803700
Email: VRPremierEsthetics@gmail.com
Suite #107
Nhut Salon Studio
Vanpaul Nhut
Phone: 408-712-2383
Email: vanpaulnhut@gmail.com
Suite #108
SG Studio
Stanley Gamez
Services/Specialties: Cut / Style, Color, Perm, Hair Extensions, Relaxer, Corrective Color, Balayage, Ombre, Trichologist, Hairloss Treatments, Brazilian Treatments, Keratin Treatments, Blowouts, Hair Restoration, Dry Curl, Wash & Flatiron, Fades
Phone: 832-792-9790
Email: ninu_1992@hotmail.com
Suite #109
Siham AlSayegh
Siham AlSayegh
Services/Specialties: Removal, Waxing,
Phone: 781-803-0505
Email: theglamourwax@gmail.com
Suite #110
Minor Details
Services/Specialties: Makeup Artist
Phone: 346-241-5806
Email: lela.minor@gmail.com
Suite #111
Alter Ego Body Contouring
Ebonie Jackson
Services/Specialties: Boutique, Weight Loss Specialist
Phone: 832-951-1828
Email: embraceyouralterego@gmail.com
Suite #113
Potion No. 9
Akira Banks
Services/Specialties: Eyebrow Threading
Phone: 713-380-7619
Email: banks.akira@yahoo.com
Suite #114
Bliss Hair Studio
Ashley Herbert
Phone: 713-940-7589
Email: bliss.hairstudio@yahoo.com
Suite #115
J. Styles
Joy Spencer
Phone: 281-844-6075
Email: jpynk@yahoo.com
Suite #116
Edgy Stylz
Debria Chavis
Phone: 281-686-1991
Email: debria.chavis@gmail.com
Suite #117
Beautiful Bossi Salon
Kolya Davis
Phone: 832-869-9529
Email: beautifulbossisalon@gmail.com
Suite #118
Strictly Hair Boutique
Mia Denson
Phone: 713-416-2387
Email: strictlyhair19@gmail.com
Suite #119
Penny's Natural Touch
Penny Douglas
Services/Specialties: , Eyelash Extensions
Phone: 832-707-5697
Email: pennysnaturaltouch@gmail.com
Suite #120
Freedom & Company
Horea Owen
Phone: 832-444-5474
Email: horeaowen@hotmail.com
Suite #121
Bella Mikah Salon
Mikah Richey
Services/Specialties: Cut / Style, Color, Corrective Color, Balayage, Ombre, Keratin Treatments
Phone: 832-603-2278
Email: bellamikah@gmail.com
Suite #122
Studio XIV
Chrisuna O'Neal
Services/Specialties: Cut / Style, Color, Relaxer, Hair braiding, Ethnic hair, Balayage, Ombre, Blowouts, Silk-wrap/Silk-press, Twist Out, Rod Set, Dry Curl, Wash & Flatiron, Braid Out, Press & Curl, Loc Maintenance, Protective Styles, Crochet Weaves, Crochet Braids, Fades
Phone: 832-308-8476
Email: chrisunashelton@yahoo.com
Suite #123
Bare the Affair
Cici Chesson
Services/Specialties: V-Steaming
Phone: 832-599-4182
Email: chesson.cinchonia@yahoo.com
Suite #124
Beyoutiful Body Shop
Lola-Butterflie Von-Kerius
Services/Specialties: Boutique, Weight Loss Specialist
Phone: 832-305-4119
Email: always.byob@yahoo.com
Suite #125
C.A.M.P. Hair Studios
Kayla/Bri Adams
Services/Specialties: Hair braiding, Blowouts, Silk-wrap/Silk-press, Twist Out, Wash & Flatiron, Loc Maintenance, Microlocs
Phone: 281-616-7793
Suite #126
Color Way by Becky
Roxana Garcia
Services/Specialties: Color
Phone: 832-542-3368
Email: becky12692@gmail.com
Suite #127
New Attitude Hair Studio
Services/Specialties: Cut / Style, Relaxer, Hair Restoration, Twist Out, Rod Set, Press & Curl, Weaving
Phone: 713-726-9177
Email: newattitude_4u@yahoo.com
Suite #128
Essence Beauty Salon Spa
Cherry Watler
Services/Specialties: Cut / Style, Color, Perm, Special Occasion, Relaxer, Corrective Color, Ethnic hair, Balayage, Keratin Treatments, Blowouts, Rod Set, Dry Curl, Wash & Flatiron, Manicures, Pedicures, Polish
Phone: 832-903-6240
Email: essencebeauty10280@gmail.com
Suite #129
1992 Lash Studio
Amantha Preston
Services/Specialties: Eyelash Extensions
Phone: 832-992-1962
Email: diannaxrose@gmail.com
Suite #130
Chop Up Barbershop
Jonathan Cole
Services/Specialties: Head Shaves, Fades, razorFades, Facial Shaves
Phone: 832-819-0696
Email: jonathanrobertcole@gmail.com
Suite #131
Dana Pope
Phone: 832-398-3848
Email: stylistpope1@yahoo.com
Suite #132
Miles of Smiles
Chantay Stearns
Services/Specialties: Teeth Whitening
Phone: 832-888-2427
Email: cstearns84@gmail.com
Suite #133
Patricia Martin
Services/Specialties: Boutique
Phone: 832-378-8382
Email: inquiries@triciesfashion.com
Suite #134
Stay Sharp Barber Studio
Jenna Castro
Services/Specialties: Head Shaves, Fades, razorFades, Facial Shaves
Phone: 713-397-3349
Suite #135
Summer Johnson
Services/Specialties: Cut / Style, Color, Perm, Hair Extensions, Special Occasion, Blowouts, Silk-wrap/Silk-press, Wash & Flatiron, Press & Curl, Protective Styles, Weaving, Wigs Installation
Phone: 313-580-3417
Email: summluvstyle@yahoo.com
Suite #136
Salon Kiva
Shekiva Allen
Phone: 281-979-1584
Email: hairbykiva@gmail.com
Suite #137
DEROSE Designs
Devanhy Rosales
Services/Specialties: Color, Perm, Hair Extensions, Balayage, Ombre, Brazilian Treatments, Keratin Treatments, Blowouts, Smoothing Systems, Wash & Flatiron, Eyelash Extensions
Phone: 832-966-4960
Email: devanhysrosales@gmail.com
Suite #138
Trevor Ahndre'
Trevor Smith
Services/Specialties: Hair braiding, Wigs Installation
Phone: 281-673-9372
Email: trevor.smith00@yahoo.com
Suite #139
Amanda Sherard
Phone: 203-747-0941
Email: arenaesherard@gmail.com